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About Us

The Volunteer Involving Organization Society (VIO Society) started in 2004 as a loose network under the name Volunteer Involving Organizations Network (VIO). It is an amalgamation of organizations that work in development through and with volunteers to promote volunteerism as a means to development. It was officially inaugurated in May 2008 and finally registered as a Society in September 2014.

It is a national network whose membership is open to government, international and national non-governmental organizations, institutions, foundations, corporates and community based organizations across the Republic of Kenya. It has a National Secretariat, headed by a National Coordinator based in Nairobi. The Secretariat has a desk at the Ministry responsible for Volunteering – Labour and Social Protection.

Since its formation, the network has strived to take lead in streamlining volunteerism in the country. However, it has also gone through a share of challenges including but not limited to developing its structures. In 2014, the network became more rejuvenated. To this effect, with good will from the membership and cordial collaboration with the government we have worked together to develop a National Volunteerism Policy and a Draft National Volunteerism Bill.

The Policy was adopted by the Cabinet in February 2016 and finally launched by the Deputy President in December 2016. The Draft Bill was done through a consultative process led by the Ministry and the Kenya Law Review Commission. It has been since discussed with Parliamentary Committee on Labour and Social Welfare. The VIO Society recognizes the unique programs offered by each member organization and where appropriate enter into partnerships to enhance volunteerism in Kenya.

Given our uniqueness and closer working relationship with the government, we are today the only National structure which acts as a coordinating link between government and International, National and Local voluntary organizations in Kenya. Our members have been involved in different areas of voluntary activities aimed at development and peace. 

Our Mission

To engage in research, advocacy, networking, partnerships and training to promote volunteerism

Our Vision

A synergized volunteer


To provide a common coordinating center for volunteers & volunteerism related matters in Kenya.

Our Members

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